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Digital Signage

Deliver impactful messaging across every screen.

Targeted messaging & real-time updates

Placing kiosks, touch screens, and other digital displays throughout your event offers an opportunity to engage and inform attendees. Yet managing these screens can be a job in itself, especially when you want to share last-minute schedule changes or updates. Our Digital Signage is a versatile system that makes it easy to sync many digital displays onto one network. From a single tablet or computer, you can manage all the content you want to share across the entire network of screens.

Put the right content in the right places

Display the same information in many places or communicate multiple messages across the entire network of screens.

Keep attendees informed

Provide attendees with current schedules, way-finding directions, or real-time information such as news, weather, sports, and advertising.

Grow sponsorship revenue

Displays placed around your event offer multiple sponsorship and advertising opportunities.

Display interactive and mixed media

The network supports text, Flash animation, graphics, live feeds, audio, video, social media, and QR codes.