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We develop modern and responsive websites. Websites that capture your personality, your strengths and goals, and stimulate and appeal to your customers.

Our philosophy as web designers is based on design that is clean, simple, elegant, and functional. We believe in open source and strive to write code that always complies with web standards.

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The power of popular WordPress CMS
We work exclusively with WordPress publishing platform.

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system and it helps us develop complete solutions to our customers. From business pages and blogging networks, to e-commerce and work portfolio. With the power of WordPress, we deliver to your needs.

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Mobile first with Responsive Design

Today’s web is dominated by mobile devices, tablets, and screens of different sizes.

Therefore, we create sites that match the size and shape of your visitors’ devices. We start with a Bootstrap framework designed for responsive design. Bootstrap gives you a modern and strong base that will be the foundation of your website.

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Digital signage is spreading information via digital screens. For example, it can be used in offices, in public environments, as well as in restaurants and shops.

2::Simple digital signage solution can be used on any type of monitor. The screen may be portrait or landscape and of any size.

You divide your information screen into free space. In each area, you publish text, image, movie, HTML / web material, documents (PowerPoint, PDF, Excel, etc.) or QUICKnotes, which is 2::Simple’s own template-based format for fast publishing.

Everything published via 2::Simple Manager can be scheduled and each area has a easy-to-use playlist, for example, you can change the order in which the information is displayed.


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  • Cloud-based platform
  • Log in from any computer
  • Neither requires server nor installation
  • Publish to digital screens and / or smartphones
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  • User-friendly interface
  • Free number of user accounts
  • Detailed rights management
  • Quick publication via templates
  • Customized freely after graphic profile
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  • Text
  • Picture
  • Film + Sound
  • Html / web material
  • Document
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Get Your Messages Across

Iaxess is a leading SMS messaging service provider offering two-way SMS communication services straight from your internet enabled computer. The Iaxess SMS gateway reaches across borders and connects to over 800 mobile network operators world-wide.

We install Kiosk in your shop, restaurant or Hotel to get your guests mobil numbers so you can send them your offers and promotions

Contact us for more details about our SMS Service

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