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E-Commerce Shops

E-Commerce covers a wide variety of online revenue generating facilities but usually takes the form of an online shop selling physical products. The convenience, transparency and speed of online shopping has increased dramatically in recent years and shows no signs of slowing down. It has been reported that Irish consumers will spend €12.7 billion online every year by 2020. We like to keep on the cutting edge of online shopping, design and development – E-Commerce websites are one of our specialties. From basic online shops to hotel reservation systems, ordering flowers online to window cleaning booking systems – we’ve done it all.

Online Shops

For many of our E-Commerce online shops we use a system called VirtueMart. VirtueMart is an incredibly user friendly online shopping system where you can add as many products as you like to your website without having to pay a professional to do it for you. Upload the videos, photos, descriptions and prices you want, when you want. We also use the customer-friendly Magento system and WooCommerce for WordPress.

Some companies require something a little more bespoke and our team of experienced developers can help. For custom E-Commerce software, please look at our Web Development page where you will find a range of further options or simply get in touch to discuss your needs.

Along with a wide range of internet business services, we offer additional specialized services including Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In today’s highly competitive marketplace, SEO has become a necessity, regardless of your business domain or scale.

We are not selling any SEO products or packages. Ours is a total custom approach based on your requirements and goals. It includes:

    • Business Domain Analysis
      Our process starts with your business domain analysis. We analyze your business, closely study your competitors, determine the true value of each click, formulate the click to conversion process, perfect the interactivity of your website, and maximize the usuability.
    • Website Analysis
      The next step is to analyze your website. We will closely study all the technical aspects of your website related to search engines. Our experts will come up with a detailed report of your existing website, and a list of recommended improvements, if needed.
    • Keyword Analysis
      Our SEO experts will analyze all of the keywords related to your business. You can also provide a list of keywords by priority. Our team will formulate the value of each keyword and define a priority list. Analysis includes the study of competitor websites, determining the PPC value of each keyword, researching current position, creating a timeline for ranking improvement, associating external linking, associating internal depth, developing a priority breakdown, and further optimization stages. Our unique in-depth research and maximum keyword emphasis technique create an extremely powerful strategy for your SEO campaign.
    • Internal SEO and tool development
      At this stage, we will combine all three analysis and provide a game plan that will maximize the return on your investment. We will consider your budget, and offer a solution that will give you the maximum returns.
    • External SEO
      Once your website is technically optimized, we start working towards link popularity. This process includes directory submission, blog marketing, article submission, press release creation and submission, link building, and social media optimization. Our research department is always looking for the most efficient means of making your website more popular. Our dedication and constant work provides long lasting results

Custom Developed Booking Systems

Bring your business into the 21st century – everyone books in online now! From flights to cleaners, hotels to surfing – your customers would love to be able to reserve and pay for your services online.

Not only is this opening up options for your clients but it also means you get paid before the customer even arrives. Still not sure? Check out your competitors websites. If they have online booking available, it’s incredibly likely they’re receiving more bookings (and money) as a result.

Our development team have built and implemented online booking and reservation systems for companies in many different industries – let us help you connect with your clients too.


The use of interactive applications on mobile devices is becoming more than just a successful trend. Users have begun appreciating the exceptional functional and entertainment value provided by mobile applications.The technological revolution brought about by the entry of the iPhone and the iPad has further popularized the usage of mobile applications.

Mobile application development is a process that involves the creation of mobile applications that could either be a stand-alone concept or an application that complements an existing or brand new website.

The phenomenal scope of mobile applications has led to small, medium and large businesses leveraging this potential to enhance their brand identity and improve business performance.

Why Mobile Applications?

-Transformation of online into mobile services promotes business growth
-Opportunity to reach more customers irrespective of time and place
-Offer Value-Added-Services that improve the sales quotient
-Cost Effectiveness ensures high ROI
-Effective, Affordable and Convenient means of business promotion

Mobile Application Development Services from Iaxess


Why Iaxess?

The mobile applications developers at Iaxess have a wide range of experience and technical expertise of working on diverse development platforms such as iOS, Android, BlackBerry. Our applications have earned rave reviews from our clients, which is a testimonial to the knowledge and skill sets of our developers and our thrust on excellence. The primary focus of our developers is to gain an in depth understanding of the needs and objectives of clients to ensure that the final product meets their expectations.

Contact Iaxess:

Are you searching for a company that has a track record of developing mobile applications custom made to a client’s specifications? Your search ends at Iaxess, the home of cutting edge, innovative, and highly customized mobile applications development.